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Centenillo Silver and Lead Mines

Linares, Spain

Centenillo Silver and Lead Mines 1886 - 1964

Cura Mines Eugene Kinnaird Haselden

Mining map of the Linares region 1860's


Silver and Lead Mines

1886 - 1964

'Arthur' Arturo Gerald Romer 1920's


In 1886, the Haselden family and the British engineer J C English, established the Centenillo Silver Lead Mines (British) Limited Company, in Linares, Spain.

[J C English may have been related to Carolina English (1856 - ?) who was married to Arthur Haselden (1849 - 1918)]

In 1898 the firm obtained French and Spanish shareholders and moved its operations from Linares to La Carolina.

The company was renamed to New Centenillo Silver Lead Mines Company Limited, with its head office at 36 Victoria St, London.

In 1921 the company was converted into the Spanish company Minas del Centenillo SA.

The chairman being H F Green Wilkinson, the vice-chairman F Terry, the managing director A G Romer (husband to Margaret Haselden) and the secretary H C Holberton.

[H C Holberton may be Carroll Holberton (about 1870 - ?) who was married to Katie Haselden (about 1880 - ?)]

The mines were closed in 1964.

Reginald Bonham-Carter 1900's
Engineer Director of Linares Foundry May 1904

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Cura Mines

Eugene Kinnaird Haselden

Eugene Kinnaird Haselden, born on the 30th March 1845, was for some years employed at the Seville Gas Works under his father, Mr. Henry Haselden.

In the year 1870, finding mining work more congenial to his taste, he went to Linares and for several years was Under Manager at the Collado del Lobo Mines. From Linares he went to La Carolina to undertake the management of the group of mines known as the Cura Mines; which under his direction were most successfully worked.

He was also appointed Manager of the Culebrina Mines, which at the time were in difficulties; these he overcame, and placed the mines in a very favourable position.

He was also at the time of his death, which took place at La Carolina on the 19th January 1904, Joint Manager with his brother, Mr. Arthur Haselden, of the Centenillo Silver Lead Mines Company. He was elected an Associate Member of the Institution on the 1st February 1898.

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Mining Map

Linares region 1860's

Northern Mine Research Company

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