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Royal Court

by Adolph Kinnaird Haselden (1)

Hugh Kinnaird's attendance at Royal Courts

Hugh Kinnaird's Coronation Invitation

Hugh Kinnaird's estate

Additional information by Robin Pike

Hugh Kinnaird's

attendance at Royal Courts

Hugh Kinnaird, a Scotsman, came in contact with George III whilst hunting in Scotland.

He was a very good looking man and the King was taken with his appearance, history relates that he asked him if he would come and be a Page in the Royal Household.

I do not know any of his history at the Court, but he rose to something of importance because he supported George III when dying and gave him a drink from a cup, which is now in the possession of the Woods Family. Mrs. Woods was previously a Haselden (Miss Mercedes Haselden).

Hugh Kinnaird served at the Courts of George III, George IV and William IV and a little time in Queen Victoria's reign.

I have the invitation given to him for the Coronation of Prince William IV and Princess Adelaide Of Saxe-Meiningen.

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Hugh Kinnaird's

Coronation Invitation

Prince William IV
and Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

The Coronation of Their Most Sacred Majesties


Admit into Westminster Abbey
Hugh Kinnaird Esq

West Door
   No. 124

Norfolk   Earl Marshal  

Non transferable

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Hugh Kinnaird's


Hugh Kinnaird died in his 85th year on 24th Februray 1868 at 139 Richmond Road, Dalston.

He was buried in ..... Cemetry and his tomb shows he was buried with his third wife.

He had three daughters, all good looking and they were familiarly known as the 'Three Graces'.

Margaret, the eldest (2), married Henry Frederick Christopher Haselden, who was a Civil Engineer and discovered and worked the famous Centenillo Lead Mines, but that is another tale.

Hugh Kinnaird had many presents given to him.

In his Will is mentioned a valuable watch presented to him by the Czar of Russia. I endeavoured to trace the history of this watch and where it could be found, but failed to do so.

There is a very fine silver inscribed candlestick, now in the possession of the Romer Family, a miniature of himself in a Bracelet owned by Godfrey (3) ..... Haselden, a very fine Silver Tea Set in my possession, which bears the Kinnaird Crest, and there is a Book entitled "Some Recollections of the last days of his late Majesty King William the Fourth" and inscribed "Hugh Kinnaird, Buckingham Palace", which was evidently presented to him.

I have a picture of the Prince Consort and a photograph of Queen Victoria, which was presented by the Queen to Kinnaird after the death of the Prince Consort, bearing the name Albert, evidently written by Queen Victoria.

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Additional Information

by Robin Pike

(1) The author of the above notes was not supplied, but may have been written in 1935 by Adolph Kinnaird Haselden (about 1870 - after 1935).

(2) Margaret Kinnaird (1807 - 1884) was perhaps the second eldest?

(3) Christian name struck out and replaced with a hand written name that is unclear.

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