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Royal Court

by Adolph Kinnaird Haselden

Notes by Adolph Kinnaird Haselden for his children

Queen Victoria and a pretty tale retold

Additional information by Robin Pike


by Adolph Kinnaird Haselden
for his children

A few notes set down by A. Kinnaird Haselden for the benefit of his children Richard Kinnaird Haselden and Penelope Anne Spurgen (nee Haselden) on the life of their Great Great Grandfather John Haselden. Hugh Kinnaird is also one of their Great Great Grandfathers.

John Haselden was born in 1768 and christened at St. Lawrence's church, Brentford 1772. He lived at Lower Lodge, Windsor Castle. He died in 1857 and was buried at Oak Lane Cemetery, Twickenham, in grave No. "A.K.61".

The exact position of his grave can be traced by letters and numbers marked on the cemetry's surrounding walls.

On his gravestone is the wording:

Sacred to the memory of
John Haselden
Formerly of Windsor
Who died at Twickenham
September 2nd, 1857
Aged 89 years

Also the wife of the above
Sarah Eleanor
Who died at Ewell
April 28th, 1867
Aged 87 years

His grave's headstone is sadly in need of repair. Perhaps some relative at some future date may wish to do such a repair, as I did for Hugh Kinnaird's grave.

This cemetry was only a field at first, but when Queen Victoria heard of this, she hurriedly sent down a Bishop to consecrate the ground.

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Queen Victoria

and a pretty tale retold

John Haselden held a position at the court of George III through to Queen Victoria's reign. That record is in a book published yearly of the King's Household, it gives the names of all persons at the court.

When John Haselden wanted to marry Sarah Eleanor Matthews, there is a pretty tale told to me by my Aunt 'Fanny', that Sarah Eleanor had to get permission from the King or Queen.

In this instance, she went and requested permission from the Queen.

The Queen enquired,

"What do you want to get married for child?"

"Because Madam, I am in love."

The Queen asked,

"Who is the gentleman?"

"Mr. Haselden, Madam."

The Queen replied,

"Oh he's alright, you have my consent."

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Additional Information

by Robin Pike

The above notes were signed by A. Kinnaird Haselden and are assumed to have been written circa 1935. A. Kinnaird Haselden is assumed to be Adolph Kinnaird Haselden (about 1870 - after 1935). A. Kinnaird Haselden gave his address as 17 Templars Avenue, Golders Green, London NW11.

The information below was researched by Robin Pike, September 2021.

Aunt 'Fanny' is assumed to be 'Fanny' Frances Margaret Haselden (1842 - 1935), daughter of Henry Frederick Christopher Haselden (1807 - 1865) and Margaret Kinnaird (1807 - 1884).

In which case A. Kinnaird Haselden is probably aunt Fanny's nephew Adolph Kinnaird Haselden (about 1870 - after 1935), son of 'Adolphe' Adolphus Henry Haselden (1834 - 1878) and Susannah Elizabeth Kerridge (about 1840 - ?).

A. Kinnaird Haselden's son Richard Kinnaird Haselden's birth date may be October 1927.

A. Kinnaird Haselden's daughter Penelope Anne Haselden's birth date may be May 1931, and marriage may be to John Trevor Spurgen, who's birth date may be January 1928.

A possible contact address may be The Old Coach House, 179 Moss Lane, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 3AL, which appears to be a holding company address. Or an alternative correspondence address (re Spur Securities Limited, dissolved 10th August 2004) may be Frith House, 24 High Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0DJ.

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